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  • Amazing Rejuvenating Detox Protocol
  • C60 Attracts free-radicals to Hydrogen to neutralizes them.
  • Reduces inflammation to promote Stem Cell growth
  • Keeps working when other anti-oxidants become depleted.
  • Energizes our cells at peak efficiency. Increasing energy, performance and virility.
  • 200 times more powerful anti-oxidant than Vitamin C.
  • Highly protective against radiation toxicity.
  • Increased rodent lifespans by 70%.
  • Improves learning speed and memory loss.
  • Prevents cognitive decline and tumors.
  • Combats environmental toxins and radiation effects.
  • Test animals lived long, vigorous and healthy lives.
  • No toxic levels and is very safe.
  • Inhibits Telomeres shortening and aging.
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Save On Family Bundle

16 oz  Bottle C60 (96 doses) in choice of Olive Oil or MCT Coconut Oil

with 2 Bottles 60ct each of Tablets

How do they work together

  • The highest dose of Hydrogen Gas conveniently available in a 12-14oz glass of water is made a super antioxidant when combined with C60
  • C60 attracts oxidative free-radicals and neutralizes them by forcing hydrogen to donate their electrons to them.
  • C60 takes Hydrogen all over the body hunting free radicals, repairing DNA and reducing inflammation. .
  • C60 has ability to reset this antioxidant process over and over hundreds of times per minute.
  • High dose of hydrogen shocks the body functions that are not working optimally to keep our cells clean and detoxed.
  • Hydrogen pulls lactic acid out of the muscles to keep us flexible after exercise or sitting in a plane or car for hours.
  • Hydrogen elevates Nitric Oxide to support lower hypertension and elevates Glutathione to support immune system.

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Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 4 in
Choice of Carbon 60 Oil Types

Coconut Oil, Olive Oil


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