60 Day Trial & Unconditional Refund Offer (H2 Water Makers)

We know this is an investment and commitment for your health and how difficult it is to sort out the chaos between cheap Alkaline Ionizers, expensive water and Inhalation machines and even more expensive MLM products. This is why we want you to feel confident that you are ordering the best Portable Hydrogen Water Maker product on the market and other products also sold at a reasonable price, with the best support and warranty. To give you more peace of mind we offer you a 60-Day No Obligation Unconditional* Refund if not 100% satisfied with your purchase. Just return the product after trying it out and we will process your refund usually by the same day. We only ask that you contact us, preferably by phone to learn about your individual issue and to solve any problem that has frustrated you. We understand that we can’t please everyone and we have to be content with 99% of you, which is why we can be generous and never penalize you with restocking or return fees * (Note new Policy with PayPal users).
We appreciate your trying us out because we know the vast majority will feel the benefits and be happy with our products from calling and talking with us to learn how to use the products and get the benefits. So give us a try, you have nothing to lose and much good health to gain.

Warranty and Replacement

We are fortunate to have very few defective Hydrogen Water Makers or any other Product to contend with. Thus we can offer a very liberal and generous replacement policy during the first 60 Day period when most of the defects show up.
However rest assured that all products have an unconditional 1 Year Warranty on all Parts, and workmanship if the product becomes defective during the first year. You do not have to register the product to have a valid Warranty in effect. We have record of your purchase on file if you purchase from any vendor or the website.
We only ask that you contact us for support to discuss the problem you are having so that we can trouble shoot and provide you with a quick solution because 99% of defective claims are due to User error.

After the first 90 days of operating the product, you will be responsible for shipping back the defective product first to us to replace or repair and return it to you within 4 days of receiving it.
This includes any battery issues.

After 60 days from purchase we do not accept any warranty claims for battery replacement.
Batteries are hard to predict and subject to user methods to last months or years.
However we will be happy to sell you a battery almost at cost for you to replace yourself with help from our phone support.

We believe that the product life could be up to Five years if maintained properly and we provide you with a reasonable priced refurbishment program to replace any part and recondition your functioning machine to make it new again after your warranty has expired.
If at any time your product becomes defective for any reason please contact our product support at 860-806-9997 so that we can expedite your claim. Only the Generator Base is required to be replaced or repaired and please do not ship with the bottle attached.
Also please do not ship any product back without getting an assigned RMA number first and always ship with a tracking number to prevent any loss.
All Warranty Repairs or Returns should be mailed to:

Morris, Connecticut     06763     USA

Return Policy and Procedures

We are fortunate to have very few products returned. Thus we can offer a very liberal and generous, unconditional 60 Day Trial Refund Offer for all our Portable Hydrogen Water Makers (Sport Pro II or Sport MAXX). We only ask that you contact us for support to discuss your reasons for wanting to return a product. This way we can learn and benefit from understanding your experience and or special circumstance. If it is a problem with the product we hope you let us solve it. If not we will issue you an RMA number and ask you to only pay for return shipping since we gave you free shipping too.
We do not penalize you with any restocking or return fee* and usually refund you promptly and unconditionally within hours of receiving it,- no matter how used the Portable Water Maker condition is returned in as long as within the 60 Days from date of purchase.

*Please Note Change of Policy for 2020:  Due to PayPal not refunding us their Merchant Processing Fee we are forced to charge a 5% Return Fee for all PayPal paid orders as of January 1st 2020.  We regret the charge but we urge you to complain to PayPal for penalizing us for giving you the PayPal security option.  This practice by PayPal is not an industry common practice regardless of them saying it. So do not use PayPal if you want to avoid a Return fee.

For all other products please refer to the product page for specific Return Refund Policy.  Be advised that only unopen and still sealed bottles of Tablets are refundable at the purchase price or retail value if bundled with a machine.  Please do not return open Tablet bottles for refunds.

Please ship with a tracking number to prevent any loss.
All Returns should be mailed to:

Morris, Connecticut     06763     USA

Shipping Policy

We are not responsible both domestically and internationally if the Postal Carrier issues a delivery confirmation to the address of your order but you claim that the product was not delivered and potentially stolen from an unsecure address. If you live in an apartment or residential complex you are responsible for the security of mail and package delivery to you and the address you give us and should make arrangements with the Postal Service if you have any risk of package theft.

We are insured only for lost deliveries due to our negligence or if the Carrier fails to deliver and loses the parcel in transit.
We can not make any insurance claim if the Postal Authority notifies us of completed Delivery to your address. Please advise the Post Office to hold your packages for you to pick-up at the Post Office if you are at risk.
Any loss arising from theft must file a lossvclaims or theft with any local Police authority or Postal Carrier.

Payment Methods

We accept all major Credit Cards through our safe Online payment processing system .We also accept PAYPAL payments for your added convenience and security. However due to PayPal not refunding us the Merchant Transaction Fee, we must charge a 5% Return Fee to recuperate the loss of the transaction fee charged to us for your order and return.
In the event you are issued a refund, please allow 3 -5 days for the refund to be processed to your card. We refund immediately but the internal processing is out of our control.
You will be always be notified with an email confirmation of your Order or Refund Processed by us, please contact us if you believe there has been an error or oversight.

Please contact us if you need any other payment arrangements.

Affiliate Program or Stocking Distributor (Foreign or Domestic)

We are welcoming all domestic and international Health practitioners, bloggers or YouTubers to promote and sell our products and we recommend you call us before signing up for our Affiliate Program.
If you are a commercial web or store retailer or belong to an organization where you could sell or buy our products in bulk, we also welcome you to contact us.

We also invite any International inquiries to become an importer/distributor in your country.
Please contact us via email or phone to express your interest and discuss your opportunity