Frequently Asked Questions

We constantly update this FAQ with your questions as you ask them.

This is probably the most asked question because they do look different, but they perform the same because they both have the identical thicker Platinum coated Titanium Plates and produce the same PPM  levels. Otherwise there is only one differences: design.  We designed the MAXX for “maximum” portability.  It is very compact, light weight and ready to go everywhere you go.  Fits perfectly in the car cup holder and easily adapts to alternate commercial water bottles you buy from the store.  Alternatively the Pro II is beloved by “professionals” at their desktops and they rarely take it out the door even though it is also highly portable and ready to travel. Customers tend to sip and refill the bottle all day as they work and they like the stylish design too. So it boils down only to a personal preference because both models have the same performance, specifications features, bottle size and H2 generating capacity. The MAXX is the most popular because it is more compact and ready to go out the door.

We are an American company that only assembles the products at our factory in China -from the best imported parts that we get from the USA and Korea.  From DuPont in the USA we exclusively buy the best quality Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) that efficiently creates the separation and expel Oxygen, Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide.  It can even filter out Chlorine from potable city water.  From Korea we buy the best Platinum coated Titanium electrode plates that don’t leach toxic Nickel, Molybdenum and Chromium into your drinking water like the cheaper Alkaline Ionizer products that use stainless steel electrode plates.  It costs a little more but safe drinking water is our priority.  Americans buy products from China every day and the most important issue when doing so is to trust that there is an American company backing and supporting you in the proper use and warranty of the product.  We are that kink of company that is duly incorporated and registered in the state of Connecticut, and we are here to support you by phone, text and email 12 hours a day seven days a week to make sure you understand how to use the product to feel the benefits.  We urge you to contact us for support because we know you have questions for us.  We are ready to answer those questions and give you guidance on how to gain the most benefit from our products. 

Each H2Blue drop represents 0.10 PPM of dissolved Hydrogen concentrate in the water. We are the only company that encourages you to test the competency of our machines by using the best and only true way to measure.  It isn’t hared to do if you can follow directions included with the H2Blue drops.  The H2Blue drops come with a clear plastic beaker with ml measurements to test exactly a 6 ml water sample.  Take a magic marker and make a line at that 6 ml mark and put the infused hydrogenated water sample to the 6 ml line after cycling the machine once or twice as you prefer. Be confident with our machine and add 10 drops and stir clear, that would indicate 1.0 PPM per Liter.  Then add 3 drops at a time and stir clear until the water remains blue.  Each drop of H2Blue equals 0.10 PPM of dissolved hydrogen concentrates per Liter of water, so if you end up with 15 drops clear then you have 1.5 PPM per liter of that water you tested.  To ingest 1.5 PPM you would have to drink 1 Liter of that water. Never stir after each single drop because the H2 gas will disappear by the time you get to 10 drops.  If your results do not come within our specified range please contact us immediately to discuss some of the potential factors that could have affected those results.  

These terms are how molecular Hydrogen concentrates are measured in water.  PPM simply means “Parts Per Million” and PPB refers to Parts Per Billion and is simply 1,000 times more than PPM as a unit of measurement.  We prefer to use PPM because it is more commonly used and doesn’t give the impression of exaggerating the measurement as PPB.The most important thing to know is that these measurements are based on a 1 liter volume of water. Which means you get that PPM if and when you drank a Liter of it and not just a machine bottle full.Calculate how many bottles you need to drink to equal a Liter and you will know how much PPM you are getting out of your water. 

ORP stands for oxidation-reduction potential, which is a measure, in millivolts, of the tendency of a chemical substance to oxidize or reduce another chemical substance. When drinking Hydrogen water a negative ORP is preferred over a postive ORP however your water can have high Hydrogen levels and still register in the positive ORP range so it is a poor indicator of beneficial Hydrogen in your water.This is why the Trustlex ORP Meter you see in so many videos for measuring Hydrogen are not accurate because the meter is intended for ORP and not Hydrogen measurements.The meter should never be used for measuring Hydrogen because it only uses a calculation based on the PH of the water and can be manipulated for promotional purposes.

The unit only expels Chlorine and other harmful elements when you use Chlorinated city water.  Don’t expect to see any discharge if you use carbon filtered water or distilled and R O water.The machine will not produce the Chlorine, only separate and expel it when it already exists in the water you use.If you find water in the waste chamber and don’t use chlorinated water don’t be alarmed, it is only because sometimes the machine may push a little water in the waste chamber because the pressure was too great in the bottle and the valve in the cap failed to dampen the pressure enough.Let us know if it becomes and nuisance to you and we will give you other options to control it.

We recommend that you use the machine all day unplugged to drain the battery while using and at the end of the day leave it plugged and charging all night.  This habit will extend the life of your rechargeable battery and allow you to start the day with a full charge.  We expect that a new battery will give you 12 or more cycles per day to give you plenty to drink.  Leaving the machine plugged in all day will reduce the life of the battery which is about 400 recharges. If you run out of battery during the day charge it again but don’t leave it plugged in while using.  The machine will work with a dead battery while plugged in if need be to finish a cycle. It will blink when charging and stay lit once charged.   

We designed these products to be not only portable but personal too, similar to your phone.You wouldn’t really find that practical to share unless you were Siamese twins joined at the hip.We recommend each person having their own and always drink straight from the bottle immediately after generating.You will want to keep it close by and ready to go all day to stay hydrated with 6 or more bottles per day.We have also tried to make it affordable to you and ask us for a promo code when you want to buy more than one, if we don’t have a special price published already. 

Other than the battery which we sell almost at cost as a service, there are no other parts that will wear out or need replacing for the life of the product.No Filters, no Plates nothing.You can replace the battery yourself using our instructions or send the unit to us for refurbishing for just shipping and handling charges. Some people don’t even bother to replace the battery because they are never far from a USB plug in the car, home or laptop and prefer to use the machine like an A/C powered unit.