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All Products and or Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not approved or intended to diagnose, prevent or cure disease.

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We are a health company specializing in anti-aging and detox to control inflammation and declining energy and we can guide you with education and natural products  to support your bodies ability to heal itself.  We know you have read and heard about the benefits but we will customize information for your age, health and lifestyle.  Equally important we will explain how to avoid the expensive MLM and alkaline scams.  Staying healthy with anti-aging protocols is affordable if you understand the products.  Please call us today to take back control of your health.


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Our products incorporate the latest Japanese technology using…


Hydrogen is a tasteless, colorless and odorless diatomic gas and…


Approximately 3.6 billion years ago Molecular Hydrogen served…

We offer wholesale and private label products to qualified Resellers/Retailers and health practioners.  Minimum quantities apply.  Please inquire by phone

You're Are Going To Like The Way You Feel!

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From the begining we committed  ourselves to  helping one customer at a time, assured that their realized benefits would become our best and only promoter.  This is why you never heard of us.  We just don’t self promote where scammers troll for you, nor do we send you endless email promotions.  We actually lower our prices as sales increase and  are available when you need the best customer service. We let our guidance and products speak for themselves and if it resonates then we have made much more than just a sale.  Who can you trust today with all the lies and deception everywhere?  Do give us a call and we will help you take back control of your health. 

Just returned from MDVIP doctor review of my Cleveland Labs revealing a dramatic drop in my hsCRP (inflammation) to 0.7 since drinking H2 water from my H2 Water for Life bottle (which travels with me). Pete, you were right about anti-inflammation benefits! (Pete is a H2 Water customer care representative and has the patience of Job and superior technical competence and customer relational skills – call him!)

Ralph Underbrink


I use this daily – 2 tablets in the morning and 2 in the evening (taking one weekend off a month). All of my labs were greatly improved after using this (and at least 4-5 bottles of hydrogen water for six months, My pain levels are greatly reduced, and I no longer suffer from brain fog and fatigue. There is great customer service on this site, with plenty of knowledgeable guidance, if you need it!

Anne Marie Engleman

I was ready to retire from roofing until I discovered the hydrogen tablets.  I feel like I’m 20 years younger and planning never to retire.

Ed Mancuso

My wife is so much more lucid on the hydrogen tablets.  I’m amazed and hoping it keeps her from getting worse.

Steven Paulson

I started with the water machine but it just wasn’t enough to keep my arthritis inflammation under control compared to the Rejuvenation tablets.  So I do both now and it works.

Mary Johnson

I love my hydrogen bottle and also do some tablets when i need them.  Best thing for keeping up with what life throws at you.

Steve J

Hydrogen and C60 is the best rejuvenating therapy I have ever found.  I feel like a kid again and have all the energy I need.

David L

I’m grateful to Pete for taking the time to help me overcome my prostrate inflammation in a completely natural way with hydrogen and carbon 60.

Gary S.

I don’t know what I would have done for my son without this companies knowledge and excellent products.  God bless you Pete.

Alie Nichols

I struggled to find some effective treatment for my Husbands aging issues until my neighbor told me about hydrogen and gave me their phone number.  Wow what a blessing to have my husband back to work and healthy again when no one else could figure out his problem.  Thanks Pete you are my savior and I have told everyone I know to call you too.

Karen Pearson

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