AquaTru Classic

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The best counter top water filter on the market today.

Key Features

  • Stop luging home water that is killing you with nano particles of plastic!
  • Install in minutes without in-line water connection
  • has the foot print on counter top of a toaster oven
  • No heat like from a Distiller.  Operates quietly too.
  • Easy to change filters that the machine tells you when to change
  • Clean water collects in tank with a tap to pour from.
  • Just add a pinch of sea salt to remineralize with electrolytes
  • Four Stage Filtration process using 3 filters.
  • Much more affordable than buying bottles water
  • A/C power adapter plug
  • Compact and easy to take on road trips
  • Just drop the tank in sink to fill and drop in unit to filter.
  • Gives you clean filtered water in minutes
  • 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee Refund or Replacement if Defective
  • 1 year Manufacturers Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • $25 flat fee Shipping and Handling.


Why are we offering the AquaTru?
For years we resisted offering a water filtration solution because we are a Health company NOT a Water Filter company.  But after sending 1,000’s of customers directly to try and get the best SALE deal, we decided to offer it at the lowest price allowed.  So it is on sale everyday here for your benefit..  The AquaTru is both a highly competent and affordable Reverse / Osmosis and Carbon filter system offered at the best price available We also urge you to search for a better promotional price around Holidays that maybe we can’t match because we want you to get it as cheap as possible. We have been using the AquaTru for years and simply want everyone to recognize the essential need to stop buying bottled water or using inadequate filtration systems that can still be toxic.  We know that blow molded polyethylene plastic has been responsible for nano-plastic particulates collecting in the brain and heart causing an inflammatory response and autoimmune diseases.

The AquaTru is the best countertop Reverse Osmosis (R/O) water purifier certified to NSF standards to remove 82 contaminants, including Lead, Chromium-6, Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, PFAs, Nitrates and more.  AquaTru creates purified, great-tasting water from your tap in minutes into a finished reservoir tank with a tap —no water line plumbing or installation required. Just drop the back tank into your sink to fill it up and then drop it back into the AquaTru to start the filtration process automatically.  The patented Ultra Reverse Osmosis system uses the same technology as all the major bottled brands, but in a convenient, compact countertop design that has the footprint of a toaster oven. With AquaTru, you can transform your tap water into pure, delicious water you can trust.

If you are lugging home bottled water you are not only paying double or triple more per gallon but limited to what you have on hand to drink.  More importantly those blow-molded plastic bottles leach nano-plastic particulates are responsible Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Memory loss, Parkinson and general cognitive decline due to the inflammatory response plastics cause.  In addition plastic toxins have been recently discovered damaging the heart.

It has been alarming to us to discover that less than 30% of our customers have a competent water filtration system.  Many buy bottled mineral water but they still cook with tap water, which doesn’t make sense if you wouldn’t drink it, why cook with it.  We have told people how critically important it is to make their own filtered water at home in quantities to even cook with.

Many of you who invested in distillers are aghast to find out that without a significant Carbon Filter after the distillation process, a distiller only succeeds in taking out heavy metals and dissolved solids in the water supply but the chemicals remain still remain.   All Distillers at best have a tiny pad of carbon to drip over -that hardly is capable of removing deadly chemicals that are in the water supply.  We use to promote Distillers for our professional Hydrogen Inhalation Machines, but now we have concluded that the AquaTru is so effective in removing TDS to replace distilled water that we no longer recommend Distillers.  Another drawback of a Distiller is that it creates a lot of heat to boil the water into steam and makes it uncomfortable in rooms where operated.

Technical Specs:

  • Dimensions: 14″ (H) x 14″ (D) x 12″ (W)
  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • Tap Water Tank Capacity: 1 gallon
  • Clean Water Tank Capacity: 3 quarts


One of the best features is that this water filter doesn’t connect to the water line for reasons.  One reason is the convenience in quick set-up and Two, also giving you the option to take it with you on road trips or to hotels or vacation home.  Third reason and most important of the three is that Reverse Osmosis filtration systems connected to the water line under the sink typically breed microbes and algae in the water line when it back flows in low water pressure conditions.  These microbes will fester into algae and make water taste fishy.   It can be a nightmare because once algae breeds it is nearly impossible to clean out the line without running acid water through the line. Many times this also occurs in Refrigerator filters or tubes that hold the filters, especially if the filters are not replaced often enough.

Extremely economical compared to buying water at the store or having it delivered, there is no better way to control your water safety and expense.  The device tells you on the front panel when and what number filter to change in the filter compartment.  The only glitch we have encountered is the need to press the RESET button to shut off the Filter number alert display  after we change the filter.   The filters are easy to change and are long lasting enough to forget the last time you changed it. Even with the cost of the unit and filters, we assure you that this is the more cost effective and safest water filtration system solution on the market.  We love it and that’s why we promote it.

What about Glyphosates and Non-regulated Chemicals?

While it is well known in the scientific literature that multi-stage reverse osmosis together with Carbon filtration is very effective at removing Glyphosates like it does Benzene and many other Volatile Organic Chemicals or unregulated chemicals, please click on Certified Test results below. . 

Glyphosate Removal Test Certification

View certified general test results
Aquatru Quality Certification

What about minerals?

Balancing electrolytes into clean water is easy to do with simple sea salt.  We love Redmond’s Sea Salt because it is low sodium and high in electrolyte content of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Iodine.  It is also easy to find in all Health Foods stores.  Once you start the filtration cycle you just literally take a pinch and put it into the finish tank with the spout where the clean water collects.  It will dissolve without stirring and rebalance the R/O process to be harmonious with your body.  Don’t waste your money on Sea Minerals or anything other than electrolytes in Sea Salt because most minerals for water are positive charged and can’t be assimilated by your body until it went was absorbed from soil by a plant and you then can get it from the plant in absorbable form.

Who Needs the AquaTru?

This product is for everyone who currently spending more buying bottled water; Filtering only with a simple carbon filter in the refrigerator or using a ZeroWater or Brita Filter like device.  Or don’t have an affordable water filter at all and think their tap water is clean because it doesn’t smell chlorinated.  They are shocked when told that they add ammonia to mitigate the chlorine smell and taste which produces another toxic chemical called Chloramine.  This will save everyone money, supply and carry problems with no need for a plumber to install.


Additional information

Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 25 × 30 × 25 in


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