Cannula Inhaler Adapter

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Key Features

  • Inhaler Adapter for All Hydrogen Water Makers
  • Great for evenings when drinking water isn’t a practical option for most..
  • Use it while relaxing watching TV or reading in evenings.
  • Easy to use and ideal when drinking water is not an option like on a plane or car trip.
  • Avoid stiffness from sitting for to long and arrive flexible and ready to move again.
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Use this Inhaler adapter on all of our portable Hydrogen generator models and start breathing hydrogen gas as an alternative to ingesting it infused water.  It is easy to use, just attach the Cannula tube to the snorkel valve sticking up on the Bottle Adapter Cap.  Fill the bottle 3/4 full of water to allow an air pocket to produce the pressure to push the gas up the Cannula tube.  Place the Cannula tube loop around your head and tighten snug using the bead behind the neck.  Place the nasal prongs into each nostril and start cycling to your hearts content.  This is an alternative to drinking water when drinking is just not a practical option.  Great for long car or plane trips when having to sit in the same position for hours.  Also ideal for evenings when you don’t want to drink and be interrupting sleep with too many trips to the bathroom.  Arrive fresh and flexible to your destination or sleep deeper at night,  Inhaling produces about 9 ml per minute of Hydrogen gas but unfortunately you exhale and that means you lose 50% of what you inhale, but this is a viable water substitute to drinking water and gives you some worthwhile benefits.

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