Shipping Policy

We are not responsible both domestically and internationally if your order is stolen from your property delivery address. We can not collect from Insurance if it is confirmed to have been delivered by the Postal Service and stolen from your Mail box or property. We can only respond if the parcel is confirmed to never have been delivered by the Postal Service and deemed lost and therefore never successfully delivered. You are responsible for the security and safe delivery by the Postal Service. We recommend that you do not receive packages delivered by the Postal Service if you live in an Apartment building without secure delivery, or to an address that is not secure for delivery. Make prior arrangements with the Postal Service to hold your packages for you to pick-up or have us ship with a signature required.  (Signature Required is not available for International Shipping) We consider our obligation fulfilled and completed once the Postal Authority has given us delivery confirmation to the specified address you put in your order. Your only recourse is to contact your local Postal Authority and discuss your situation with them.