New H2/O-300 Dual Output Inhaler

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  • Dual Purpose Hydrogen and Oxygen individual Outputs
  • Enjoy 99.99% pure Hydrogen Inhalation without any Oxygen
  • Best quality Iridium Platinum coated Titanium Plates (SPE) and DuPont Membrane (PEM)
  • Get your daily mega dose of Hydrogen in just 30 minutes a day
  • Recover from exercise by inhaling Oxygen after the Hydrogen
  • Increase Oxygenation if suffering from diminished lung capacity
  • Displaces heat efficiently out the back of the generator.
  • No Maintenance, or expensive consumables to buy
  • Light weight and easy to carry from room to room at just 18 lbs/ 9 Kilo weight
  • Can be shared and economically enjoyed by the whole family
  • Completely safe and not in the flammable range of 4% – 75% concentration
  • No risking blindness mixing caustic Sodium Hydroxide/Lye
  • No calibrating or adjusting required, just turn on and inhale.
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • No expensive replacement parts required
  • 30 day Return Refund (See Details)
  • Replaced immediately if defective in first 60 Days

Soft and flexible Hospital Grade Cannulas

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Dual Purpose Hydrogen and Oxygen Output Inhalation Machine

Introducing the most affordable and versatile clinical grade 99.99% pure hydrogen gas inhalation solution for safe and effective pure Hydrogen Inhalation. Our new and improved 2023 model is the most efficient and cost effective Hydrogen Inhalation machine on the market today.  Just in time to handle the rising amount of inflammatory lung disorders reducing lung functionality.  One person inhaling can receive a highly therapeutic level of 300ml output per minute flow rate and then Oxygenate at 150 ml per minute flow rate for better oxygenation after inhaling Hydrogen has dilated the Lung blood vessels and bronchial tubes.  This Dual Hydrogen and Oxygen model has been specifically designed for Athletes and people with diminished Lung capacity resulting in low oxygenation symptoms.  Both gases can also be inhaled simultaneously using a Bridge to connect to both outputs.  Two people can also be inhaling by each inhaling their preferred gas.  You get safe hydrogen concentrations well below the flammability point at 2- 3.5% without any waste water discharge or dangerous caustic soda required for Browns Gas Machines.  It efficiently produces hydrogen gas from distilled water without any maintenance required or parts to change, so you can experience all the benefits of hydrogen inhalation while conveniently relaxing, reading or watching TV. The Oxygen is separated and instead of discharged is available to connect a Cannula to the output.   This is not a Brown’s gas machine created out of Metal Welding Torch technology forcing you to inhale diluted amounts of Hydrogen already mixed with Oxygen.  This machine is from Japanese designed technology that follows clinical research and not unreliable testimony that Brown’s Gas machines depend on.  This therapeutic technology is already medically approved and in broad use in Japanese hospitals for post Stroke and Cardiac Arrest and has been helping people with diminished lung capacity.  We have yet to see any clinical research that supports Brown’s gas technology as beneficial, on the contrary it seems totally illogical to dilute hydrogen volume with more Oxygen when you already exhale 50% of hydrogen and dilute it another 25% in the nostril gap. This is the best solution to breath one after another for lung issues or recuperating athletes. Brown’s gas machines also claim magical electrolyzed water which is very low Hydrogen concentration at best since it only bubbled and not dissolved under pressure like our small portables.

Easy to use with fully automated Voice Command Prompts the machine tells you what to do and when you need to do it.  We have thought of everything including the nature sounds of a babbling brook and bird sounds while you relax and inhale, which you can also shut off if you prefer to watch TV.

Advantages of Therapeutic Inhalation and Hydrogen Water

Deriving your daily Hydrogen intake solely from hydrogen water can be challenging at best for most while the tablets can also become expensive for a couple who need a higher daily dose to alleviate oxydative stress or autoimmune symptoms.  Inhalation machines can be more economical in the long run and deliver the higher hydrogen dose while relaxing in the evenings.  To stay healthy you simply inhale daily or as little as three times a week for 30 minutes to 2 hours at a time because the benefits linger for a few days, the hydrogen gas is in and out of your system in 1 – 2 hours.  This method is growing in popularity as an ideal maintenance therapy to keep up with daily oxidative stress.  The 300 ml H2 flow rate far exceeds the recommended daily dose of 3 PPM / 3 mg. without reliance on drinking quarts of hydrogen water or Tablets.  It’s perfect for recuperating from exercise by removing lactic acid from the muscles and reducing potential inflammation in injury or strain to allow faster healing.  There is never any fear of over dosing since we can’t seem to get enough to combat the oxidative stress we are constantly producing daily.  There is also never any fear of hypoxia because a cannula dilutes the hydrogen around the nostril cavity in each breath. Use Reverse Osmosis or distilled water specifically to keep the electrolysis plates clean and free of mineral particulates scaling the plates.

Who needs this Product?

This product is the best solution for an individual who suffers from poor oxygenation and diminished lung capacity for a host of reasons as well as an athlete who needs to recuperate with supplemental oxygen therapy right after receiving the benefits of Hydrogen inhalation.  It’s also an affordable solution for someone or the whole family to stay healthy to reduce oxidative stress symptoms and support detox.  We all need to relax and unwind at the end of the day so why not turn on this machine, slip the cannula on and start recuperating with what nature intended for us to balance out the oxidative quality of the oxygen we breath.  It is as simple as the universal principal of Yin and Yang balance and harmony that we must all obey or our cells succumb to free radical damage and we slide quickly into declining health.  If you feel like you are falling apart then make this the first step to recover good health.  Hydrogen can alleviate the most common issues plaguing our aging population today: COPD, Arthritis, Diabetes, Neuropathy, Inflammation, Alzheimer, Dementia, Parkinson or for post Stroke or Cardiac arrest recovery, as well as severe cellular damage know as Cancer.  Your health begins and ends at the cellular level and hydrogen can also be effective in younger people with  Asthma, Autism, ADD, Migraine Headaches, Joint Pain, Inflammation, Juvenile Arthritis, Metabolic disorders and many of the most common autoimmune conditions. Today we are all being WIFRIED! with radio frequency radiation from 4 and 5G cellular, RFI, WiFi, Blue Tooth.  These are assaulting us at the cellular level by shutting down the battery of our cells (ATP), and hydrogen specifically jump starts Autophagy and Adenosine Triphosphate to keep our cells electrically charged to function properly.

Non-flammable, Easy to Use and Maintenance Free

There is also never any fear of hypoxia because unlike a sealed CPAP mask, a cannula allows other elements to pass around the cannula into the nostril cavity that is composed of a mix of about 2 – 3.5% pure hydrogen, 18% oxygen, 70% nitrogen and just air in each breath. One never need fear flammability because it is always diluted enough to never reach flammable concentrations between 4.6% – 70%.  Best part of all is NO MAINTENANCE required, No dealing with Caustic Soda/lye that can burn you.  A full tank of distilled water will give you hours and hours of inhalation. Comes ready to use with 2 cannulas so you can get started in a few minutes after an easy set up procedure. No calibrating or adjusting ever required, this machine is completely automatic and always on stand-by mode ready to use and shuts off automatically in case you fall asleep.


Do not believe inhaling Pure Hydrogen is flammable as told by Browns Gas machine promoters that are too diluted to be therapeutic at 1 part Oxygen and 2 parts Hydrogen.  Their absurd claim of flammable risk is not applicable because our machine operates at 99.995% pure hydrogen production at a concentration rate below 4% which is below the combustible range of 4% to 75% level for safe and reliable operation.  Furthermore our ratio is only at 1.25% of your total breath when you factor in that a person averages 8 liters per minute of air intake that constitutes about 70% nitrogen, 18% Oxygen and only 1.25% hydrogen when inhaling on our machine.  So there is no need to worry about flammability or hypoxia, on the contrary machines that give you a mixture of Oxygen and Hydrogen can be very combustible if not calibrated correctly.   Best of all our inhalation machine does not require you to risk blindness or severe skin or lung burns when handling the caustic Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) those machines require you to handle.

High quality and efficiency

We have spared no expense designing this machine to incorporate the best quality Solid Polymer Electrolysis (SPE) technology with Iridium-Platinum coated Titanium plates made by the best Japanese Plate maker specializing in these larger plate sizes that don’t deteriorate or leach metals and provide the highest electrolytic performance for a life time.  We also use the best DuPont (USA) M117 Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) to efficiently give you only pure 99% Hydrogen gas with all of its proven benefits.   At 300 ml/per minute output you will have more than the daily hydrogen requirement to keep you healthy and oxidative stress free without the need for greater financial investment.  We were pioneers in the most affordable portable units and now we are doing the same with the most affordable high quality Inhalation machines.  Our goal was to sell at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.


It is commonly recommended now throughout Asia that you reduce your daily oxidative stress by using daily inhalation. Spending just 1 – 2 hours a day is easy to incorporate into anyone’s lifestyle while relaxing, on the computer, reading or watching tv, and is not a challenge for most to do.  Be advised that continuous inhaling more than a few hours a day does not increase benefits and research indicate that your body can adapt and stop responding if you don’t have a gap of 5 or more hours between inhalation sessions. Therefore limit your inhalation to not more than 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon if you have severe symptoms or are over 40 years old. If you are healthy just 1-2 hours a few times a week will keep you healthy.

For more information on our protocols and products please call us to discuss the right product for your particular health condition.  Everyone is a little different and protocols should vary accordingly.

Warranty and Refund Policy

This product is covered under a 1 year Parts and Labor warranty against any and all manufacturer’s defective Parts or workmanship and is 90% refundable when returned in working and undamaged condition at your expense within 30 days of purchase.  A 10% restocking fee will be charged for all returned machines. Do Not Purchase this machine if you expect some miracle to happen in 30 days and return it when it doesn’t happen.  Hydrogen benefits work at the cellular level and are experienced based on your health and or severity of your symptoms.  The potential benefits are ONLY based on consistency of application at the appropriate dosage for your health or age. Please call us before you buy this product to help you understand what to expect from this product and how to use it correctly under prescribed circumstances based on your health and age.

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