Lithium Ion Battery for ALL Portable H2 Water Makers

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  • Easy Do It Yourself Replacement
  • We can do it for you for Shipping and Handling
  • Good For 400 Charges
  • Machine can be used as A/C Power Unit if you don’t need a battery.
  • We sell these batteries almost at cost as a service to you.
  • Battery should provide 12 or more 7 minutes cycles before draining
  • Great for maximum portability.
  • Never leave machine plugged in all day because battery will expire prematurely.

Select Model To Include Instructions With Battery *

Check which model unit you have to include the battery replacement instructions for your model and if Sport MAXX model please check what color generator base to include the face plate.

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This is the battery replacement for all the Portable machines.  If you are handy all it takes is to unscrew a few screws and separate the Generator from the base and expose the battery compartment.  Then you just un plug the old battery and plug in the new one and put it back together and charge up the battery.  If you prefer us to do this you can take advantage of our Refurbishment Program where we will clean, inspect and test your machine as well as add any additional upgrade available for your product.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 2 in


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