H2 Inhaler Plus Water Pitcher




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  • Enjoy 99.995% pure Hydrogen Inhalation without any Oxygen
  • Best quality Iridium Platinum coated Titanium Plates (SPE) and DuPont Membrane (PEM)
  • Infuse rich Hydrogen water in minutes in a 18.60 oz/550 ml Water Pitcher (Tritan plastic) with electric mixing paddle
  • Displaces heat efficiently out the back of the generator.
  • No Maintenance, or expensive consumables to buy
  • Light weight and easy to carry from room to room at just 2 lbs/1 Kilo weight
  • Can be shared and economically enjoyed by the whole family
  • Completely safe and not in the flammable range of 4% – 75% concentration
  • No risking blindness mixing caustic Sodium Hydroxide/Lye
  • No calibrating or adjusting required, just turn on and inhale.
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor
  • 30 day Return Refund (See Details)
  • Replaced immediately if defective in first 60 Days
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