C 60 VIVO 2 / 16oz Bottle Pack

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  • Amazing anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties.
  • Attracts free-radicals and neutralizes them.
  • Keeps working when other anti-oxidants become depleted.
  • Energizes our cells at peak efficiency. Increasing energy, performance and virility.
  • 200 times more powerful anti-oxidant than Vitamin C.
  • Highly protective against radiation toxicity.
  • Increased rodent lifespans by 70%.
  • Improves learning speed and memory loss.
  • Prevents cognitive decline and tumors.
  • Combats environmental toxins and radiation effects.
  • Test animals lived long, vigorous and healthy lives.
  • No toxic levels and is very safe.
  • Inhibits Telomeres shortening and aging.
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Now in choice of Olive or Coconut Oils

Save on 2 / 16 oz Bottle Pack (192 doses)


What is Carbon 60 (C60)?
  • C60 fullerenes are molecules in the shape of a soccer ball that are bonded with a fat lipid in Olive Oil or MCT Coconut Oil and is exhibiting amazing biologically enhancing anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties.
  • C60 attracts negatively charged oxidative free-radicals and neutralizes them.
  • C60 rapidly resets and keeps on working when other anti-oxidants become depleted.
  • When our cells are relieved of an existing free-radical oxidative burden, they can once again function at natural peak efficiency. Increasing energy, performance and virility.
  • C60 is 200 times more powerful than Vitamin C.
  • C60 has also been found to be highly protective against radiation toxicity.
  • Scientific studies on animals found C60 increased rodent lifespans by 70%.
  • Learning speed and memory were increased significantly.
  • Age related cognitive decline and tumors were completely prevented.
  • Potential negative effects of environmental toxins and radiation were eliminated.
  • Test animals on C60 lived long, vigorous and healthy lives.
  • C60 does not exhibit toxic levels at even absurdly high doses and is very safe.
  • Telomere lengths at the end of your Chromosomes are directly related to lifespan and oxidative stress has been found through scientific research to be a significant cause of telomere shortening and thus the main cause of aging.
  • C60 reduces oxidative radicals. A reduction in oxidative radicals may be responsible for the significantly increased lifespans and vigor found in many peer reviewed scientific studies.

Now offering you our own Private Label Formula we are free to deliver higher quality at a lower price that exceeds the standards of the French University (BAATI) Study.  Take advantage of our quantity discounts for the whole family to use.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 3 in
Choice of Carbon 60 Oil Types

Coconut Oil, Combo, Olive Oil


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