2 Bottle Bundle Rejuvenation 60 ct

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Key Features

  • No Coupon 2 Bottle Bundle Deal 60 Ct
  • Convenient and Affordable way to get mega dose of H2
  • Get from 7 – 8 PPM/mg in each tablet dissolved in one glass of water.
  • Great for Travel and Office use
  • Ideal to occasionally combine with the H2 Water Maker machine
  • Take it to the office or the gym.
  • Best option to recommend friends and family try first to feel the benefits quickly.


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Now along with your daily Hydrogen Water hydration regimen, you can catch up with those nagging accumulated health issues or inflammation plaguing you due to our oxidative stress, lifestyle, diet and aging by adding a daily or occasional tablet.   Restore your health and vitality with higher concentrates of Hydrogen in convenient tablet form that is equivalent to drinking 8 or more bottles from our Hydrogen Water Infusion Machines.   This is not a substitute for our machines unless you are very sick, because we still benefit from the hydrogen hydration protocol, but given that H2 benefits are “dose dependent”, in other words the right dose produces the right benefit and these tablets are both convenient and a mega dose hydrogen concentration from 7 – 8 PPM/mg. in one glass of water.   Anyone over 40 or very athletic would benefit from a daily or occasional (2 – 3 tablet per week) to give the body an excess amount in one shot that would repair the damage accumulated or produced in our daily lives. When traveling leave the water maker machine home and travel with a bottle of tablets instead.    Just dissolve a tablet in a 12 – 17 oz glass of water and watch it fizz, don’t walk away because you will probably forget it.  j Just wait for it to float to the surface and fully dissipate before drinking. Drink it all down quickly and you can leave any undissolved elemental magnesium in the bottom of the glass to avoid the metallic after taste.   Take two or three twice a day if you are seriously sick and need such a high dose of hydrogen. Give us a call and we will give you the best advice available today in this miraculous product.   Once you are well and rid of symptoms or health problems that require immediate relief and intensive therapy, you can go back to a daily or weekly maintenance dose combined with the hydrogen water maker.

We stand behind this product, because like all of our products –we use them too.    These tablets are the best quality available and are private labeled in about 20 other brands so don’t be surprised that you see them available everywhere. We sell the original inventors brand that is free of adverse effects, stomach discomfort and are safe to combine with any other medicine or protocol because hydrogen is as natural as breathing oxygen and you CAN’T get over dose or explode or float away, so there is only upside potential to taking a mega dose at once instead of over the course of a day.   Made from natural Malic Acid a Magnesium dirivitive, the tablet creates billions of pure H2 nano bubbles that deliver the pure H2 concentrate in your stomach and can be found all over the body in five minutes.   If you have any serious condition or inflammation disorder, you will benefit from any amount you want to take. We recommend a minimum of 2 bottles at one tablet a day for anyone over 40 who needs to repair accumulated oxidative stress damage such as at least jump start the ATP in the cell to make the cell healthy again and able to fight free radicals.   After that a good maintenance with the H2 water can be as little as 2 – 3 per week.   You will expedite your recovery and control your symptoms quickly after a few bottles of tablets.   Please call us in the event you experience the rare Herzheimer detox reaction from taking the tablets.   This only means you are a bit dehydrated and you have released your toxins too fast.   We will help you get relief by recommending drinking plenty of water or cutting the tablets in half to prevent the typical possible symptoms of headache, fatigue or diarrhea.

Molecular hydrogen is the most promising preventative aging supplement on the market. With over 1000 publications speaking on the potential benefits in 170 disease models* throughout every organ, H2 has been shown to indirectly mitigate the damages of those nasty three issues that lead to virtually all diseases and are the driving forces in why we decline in poor health as we age with: Oxidative Stress, Inflammation and increased Insulin Resistance.

Refund Policy:  Only unopen and still sealed bottles returned to us are refundable at the purchase price or retail value if bundled with a machine.   Please do not return open Tablet bottles for refunds.

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Weight 6 oz
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