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How Our Technology Works

How Our Technology Works

Our products incorporate the latest Japanese technology using the best quality (SPE) Solid Polymer Electrolysis Platinum coated Titanium Plates made by the best Plate maker in South Korea. We also use a (PEM) Proton Exchange Membrane sandwiched between the two Plates. We offer you the best quality made membrane made by DuPont in the United States. These are all the safest and most effective components that make our products not only superior, but the ONLY portable products that were specifically designed to produce high levels of Hydrogen concentrates infused in water. We also built in a lower waste chamber to discharge unwanted elements such as; Ozone gas, Chlorine (from city water), Hydrogen Peroxide and Oxygen. This assures that you drink only dissolved pure diatomic molecular hydrogen concentrate infused under pressure into a drinkable water state.

The water at the lower positive electrode called the Anode provides the source for positive charged H+ ions by separating them from the Oxygen in the water molecule. It’s the membrane that lets these individual ions then migrate up and combine together as 2H’s at the negative Cathode electrode Plate with their electron attached to form true beneficial Diatomic Molecular Hydrogen (and not just single H ions like in Alkaline Water Makers). The gas quickly dissolves into the water under its own pressure, which allows you to drink it like water, because you can’t drink a gas without burping it out and losing the benefits. Our high production proprietary Plates and Membrane are the major difference between us and low ion gas producing alkaline ionizing products, that were only designed to raise the water pH. Don’t expect a bubbly drink that makes you burp out the benefits, that is not us. Our beneficial hydrogen concentrate is dissolved in the water to give you the highest benefit.

The advanced Japanese research concluded that only the tiny bit of Hydrogen produced as a byproduct from electrolysis in Alkaline Ionizers, was responsible for any health benefits, -not the alkalinity of the water. This tiny bit of Hydrogen did help the most serious sick people but unbalanced most healthy people who did not need it. Tyler Lebaron of the Molecular Hydrogen Institute reminds us, “We would drown in water intoxication, before getting our daily 3.0 PPM /3 Mg supplement of molecular hydrogen if we get it from low producing Alkaline Ionizing machines on the market today.” However sales people continue to tout the virtues of Alkaline water to defend their dying industry and make huge commissions off the victims that need the benefits the most.
Alkaline Water Ionizer’s are now deceptively calling themselves Hydrogen Water Makers because they do produce a tiny amount of hydrogen in the form of single H+ molecules that only raise the PH but are not beneficial enough without the 2 H’s combined and the electron attached. Our machines give you the 2 H’s combined and reunited with the electron for truly beneficial diatomic Molecular Hydrogen in large enough quantity to infuse the water with beneficial hydrogen concentrate. Oddly enough PH stands for “Potential Hydrogen” which is very appropriate because Alkaline water virtually only give you the potential for hydrogen as opposed to the beneficial high levels our technology does.
This technology has a lower electrical resistance between the Anode and the Cathode and produces greater efficiency in higher electrolytic molecular Hydrogen gas production. We also seal the bottle within reason to keep it from leaking, in order to use physics law of gas compression to dissolve the gas into drinkable water state. Our latest generation of Plates produce the highest levels of hydrogen gas in less time. Compression combined with high gas production is the difference between us and all of what you see on the market. Our machines produce so much gas that we had to dampen a little at the lid by putting in a pressure relief valve.
All those expensive in-line sink plumbed or Liter making Pitcher machines are not sealed and give you more Hydrogen gas that you don’t ingest and most escapes out. This is why our machines are known as “HIM” (Hydrogen Infused Machines). Our machines use the high gas produced to compress within a sealed bottle to infuse the water so you can get your daily 3 PPM/3mg hydrogen requirement by drinking just 4 bottles a day instead of 3 gallons from the average Alkaline water machine.
PPM or PPB is a way to describe hydrogen concentrate infused in water. PPM is parts per million and PPB is parts per billion and it is the same thing but just more zeros in PPB to put it simply. The industry prefers PPM but marketers love to use PPB because it fools people into thinking it is more because of all the zeros. We use PPM because we don’t need to exaggerate our hydrogen levels.

How Our Technology Works

  • Works with any water you are willing to drink including tap water, distilled, Reverse Osmosis (RO), spring and any filtered water.

  • Eliminates harmful by products of electrolysis such as Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine (from city water) and other unwanted elements found in water.

  • Separates and expels Oxygen so you get only pure Hydrogen.

  • Yields the highest levels of true diatomic molecular Hydrogen concentrates dissolved in water.

  • Get between 1.0 ~ 1.5 PPM range in 5 – 7 minute cycle or 2 PPM plus after running double the 7 minute cycle as we recommend.

  • Yields lower ORP ranges between -350 ~ -700mV for excellent antioxidant benefits.

  • High quality Korean made Platinum coated Titanium plates are the safest to use and never deteriorate.

  • Easy descaling maintenance by just soaking overnight in vinegar-water once a month or less frequent if you drink very purified water.
  • Nothing wears out and nothing needs to be replaced except the battery which is entirely optional thanks to external battery packs for USB devices.   Use it as a plug- in device now that you have USB plug sockets in your car, laptop and all over the home so enjoy the battery until it dies and then use it plugged-in.

We are proud to be the highest volume seller worldwide of the H2Blue Hydrogen test drops made by H2 Sciences Inc. and the only seller of them on Amazon.  We never discourage testing our machines and even bundle it to save you money and guide you if you need it. We also will replace your product if you get anything less than our factory PPM range you should get.  Be our guest if you need proof because we love to hear your great results.  But we also tell our customers that testing is completely optional for the reasons below

  1. All the gas rising from the generator is pure Hydrogen gas and as long as you see the steady stream of hydrogen bubbles you know the machine is performing as it should but please call us if you ever see less bubbles.
  2. This technology is based on compressing the gas and you will feel the pressure pop when you open the lid.
  3. The best proof that our machines are working is how great you feel from drinking the hydrogen water.  To us this is proof positive.

Ever since traveling snake oil salesmen sold the strange elixirs that more often proved the placebo effect,- if it didn’t poison you first, we have seen a barrage of high pressure Multi-Level Marketing scams promoting extremely expensive machines full of exaggerated claims based on no research by very polished sales pitches. These are the snake oil salesmen of today.  Then came the Chinese with their cheap Alkaline Ionizers that were actually meant to be affordable in the Asian markets.  These cheap gadgets are all over Asia and are considered disposable water bottles that never last more than a few weeks or months at best. But in the rest of the world they are being sold at a very high markups just lower than Japanese, Korean or MLM products alternatives. Unfortunately the sick are the most cheated from their $30.00 to $4,000.  You will know a scammer because they use the term Alkaline and Ionizer and Hydrogen Water in their promotions to see which victim they can convince.  These are the typical conditions used by scammers: 

  1. They don’t promote testing of their machines much less sell the H2 Blue Test Drops bundled or separately like we do. (We are the highest seller of H2Blue in the world and the only one that sells them on Amazon. They also claim the Blue Drops are not accurate and only an expensive equipment could test accurately at the factory level.  (Very Wrong Youtube scammer: Hydrogen Man)
  2. They never state PPM levels so you can test the product to verify against. (Why? I think it’s obvious.) 
  3. They state exaggerated PPM levels knowing that most of you will not test it and depend on refunding only the few that test it. 
  4. They use those Trustlex ORP meters to test H2 levels.  This is not accurate and a sure way to manipulate PPM levels.  Those meters are not for testing dissolved H2 and should never be used for it.  Only the Blue drops are accurate. 
  5. They always blame you on why you get low PPM levels when testing.  (Yes there are many factors that affect the PPM test results but never outside a reasonable few drops difference.)
  6. Limited Warranties and no Replacement if defective.  (We don’t fix your product during the one year Warranty, we send you a new generator and we can afford to do this because our defect rate is so low.) 
  7. Only Refund Your Money if you do not open or use the product.  (What good is that? We are the opposite, we want you to use it for 60 days and get a full refund if not totally satisfied.)
  8. No Phone number, No Address and usually no physical presence in your country. (Good luck with that!) Or do not answer the phone and take days or weeks to respond to calls or emails.  We sometimes are overwhelmed but always call back and email the same day and usually within minutes.
  9. An unreadable Manual that you need a Chinese interpreter who speaks backward techno-babble.  (You know what we mean.)
  10. You always have to buy $100 filters, over priced parts and labor for repairs or have high maintenance required.  (Don’t you love companies that nickel and dime you to death after you spent a small fortune.) We sell replacement batteries and bottles almost at cost and we will repair or recondition your machine out of warranty just for the cost of minor parts and shipping and free of expensive labor costs.
  11. It is sold only in a Multi-level Marketing scheme at highly over inflated profit margins.  (Please run when you find out it is only sold in MLM method.)  
  12. As soon as you buy it they try to recruit you to sell it to all your friends and family with reward incentives if you offer them referrals and your endorsement. 
  13. They use MLM high pressure sales pitches from extremely well rehearsed Pitch-Men who counter back all your concerns when you don’t buy right away.  (These people go to brain-washing seminars and are shown mansions and Ferrari’s they could own if they have 100’s of recruits selling for them.  The average recruit only sells one to his mother and drops out after buying the starter Kit for thousands of dollars.  Note:  We do not allow former MLM sales or any professional sales people to sell or distribute our products.  We only permit health practitioners to sell within their private practice or association membership.)
  14. They now use small water bottles to exaggerate high PPM levels that are completely misleading the consumer to think they will get that PPM level if they drink that tiny 8 – 10 oz bottle. (They don’t tell you that PPM is based on drinking a full Liter of that water you measured, which means you have to refill that tiny bottle 4 – 6 times.) 
  15. They make you think more quantity is better by selling you a low PPM Kitchen machine when you need to make only what you can drink in a reasonable amount of time and not store it. All Pitcher style or In-line Sink Model machines do not seal under pressure to dissolve the gas into an infused water state. These expensive in-line models are like the restaurant soda guns that stream the H2 gas alongside the water without infusing it. There is one company that has pressure based generators like ours for $6,000 and $9,000 each incase you are rich.  Other Alkaline companies will be shelving their current models as soon as they perfect a competent pressurized machine, but expect them to also be sold MLM of course for many thousands of dollars too.  

Try it truly at No Risk

Unlike those who only give you a full refund if you don’t open the package, we want you to use our machine for 60 days and return it for a full unconditional refund if not completely satisfied. But speak to us first so that we can make sure you are using the product correctly. We are confident that our machines will deliver measurable benefits if you are committed to drinking at least 4 bottles a day, but if you can only commit to 2 or less a day we prefer that you take just 1 tablet a day for convenience and drink as much water as you can to flush your system of toxins. We hope the machine will motivate you to hydrate your cells that may be lacking the electrical charge to hydrate and expel accumulating toxins. The hydration alone will offer you benefits and if you add the hydrogen to your water it is a winning combination we are just beginning to fully understand. So be confident when you buy here, because this is a NO SCAM MLM FREE ZONE. Our mission is to educate you of the benefits and to avoid supporting the debunked Alkaline water Industry that prevents you from getting the benefits.

Buy the real thing!

It is no wonder most of you reading this are so confused about what to buy and evaluate options for weeks. Youtube has many paid pitchmen who claim not to be paid like Hydrogen Man who promotes a $2,000 machine, -you know they don’t do it for fame. Yes all Youtube videos are sales pitches that should not be trusted. We were also confused years ago when we were searching for an alternative to the tablets to get our daily dose We never found it so we decided to improve the best designed technology we found and deliver it to you at an affordable price.

Undoubtedly this list of WARNINGS will continue as the scams grow with market demand. We promise to stay one step ahead of them and always deliver the best Product, best Support, best Warranty at the best Price, and to be available to you by phone 12 hours a day 7 days a week to guide you on how to best use Hydrogen to alleviate symptoms due to cellular oxidative stress.

Our machines were never engineered for Alkaline water, on the contrary, the objective from the start was the highest molecular concentrate you could drink and now after several generations of machines we have perfected our technology using the safest materials and we stand behind the performance to your total satisfaction, or your money back. We hope you buy with confidence and speak to us someday to find out how our passion to bring you real benefits has made us the fastest growing No. 1 selling brand worldwide.

Give us a try, You’re Going To Like The Way You Feel!

Their harmful ineffective Stainless Steel ElectrolysisPlates without the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)
Their harmful ineffective Stainless Steel ElectrolysisPlates without the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)